Cloudistics Turbine

Storage Acceleration Appliance


Double application density and accelerate application performance on your existing infrastructure in minutes.


Accelerate Performance for All Applications

Install in Minutes

Install Turbine in between any hypervisor and SAN array to see instant application acceleration without any time-consuming software installations or data migrations.

Accelerate Your Applications

Turbine increases your application performance by 20x. Deploy more applications more quickly, all on your existing infrastructure.

Immediate ROI

By reducing application memory requirements, Turbine increases the density of your virtual workloads. Grow your business instantly and drive efficiency in your entire datacenter while saving time, money, and compute resources.

Hardware and Software Agnostic

Turbine works transparently with all hypervisors and storage vendors and integrates seamlessly into your existing physical infrastructure.

Virtual Storage Technology

Intelligent Flash

Turbine’s software intelligently uses real-time analytics to understand I/O patterns. Our write-back technology accelerates writes by 100x over traditional SAN arrays. Turbine also uses write-through technology to identify read hotspots and accelerate reads over 300x.

Accelerate Multiple SAN Arrays

Turbine spans multiple storage arrays through a simple LUN configuration, allowing you to accelerate all of your applications with a single appliance.

Enterprise Reliability

Turbine provides high availability for every component of the appliance, including dual controllers and mirrored flash disks, ensuring enterprise-grade data protection and reliability.

Up to 8 TB of Write-cache Capacity for $.65/GB



2 TB of Flash


Accelerates up to 50 TB



4 TB of Flash


Accelerates up to 100 TB



8 TB of Flash


Accelerates up to 200 TB

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